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Digital X Ray Imaging

Product Name: STARUKE 100DI Digital X Ray Imaging



A CsI ( Cesium Iodide ) scintillation based Low Dose Imaging system

Prime features

  • Low Dose: Direct deposit CsI, low dose detectors for both human and veterinary market
  • Low Cost: World class imaging optimally efficient and affordable
  • Low Impact: Durable and adaptable, compatible with single phase and high frequency generator. Adopting principles of low impact design, waste reduction and sustainability to all aspects of our daily operation and long- term development
  • Sparking or shinning brightly
  • Brilliantly and excitingly clever or skillful


Perfect Pixel Pitch

The image contrast and spatial resolution of radiography system has 154 µm perfect pixel pitch for general radiography.

Full-Field AED

Full-Field AED technology eliminates this problem by providing large area coverage and unrestricted time windows, creating a comfortable and efficient operating experience for X-Ray acquisition. Place your subject anywhere on the flat panel, and get only crisp, clear images you care about.