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Product Name: STARNUKE HF 100R High Frequency Fixed X Ray


                                 STARNUKE HF-100R

              High Frequency 100 mA Fixed X Ray Machine


Star Nuke offer 100 mA High Frequency Fixed X Ray Machine which provides high end image quality and resolution to meet best diagnostic radiology investigations.   


Technical specifications:                                                                                           

Maximum Output Power               :5 KW

Inverter Frequency                       :40 KHZ

Focal Spot                                    :2.6mm x 2.6mm

Monoblock’s kV Range                 :40 to 110 kV

Maximum mA                                : 100 mA

mAs Range                                   :1 – 125



  • Single integrated console system
  • Digital Display for display of X-ray parameters of kV & mAs
  • mA, kV & mAs increase and decrease switches
  • Ready and X-Ray on switch with Indicators
  • Bucky Selection Switch
  • Self-diagnostic Program with Indicators for Earth fault error
  • kV error, filament error & Tube’s Thermal Overload
  • Anatomical Programming radiography (i.e. APR) in which kV & mAs are automatically selected depending upon the physique of the patient and part of the body to be X-rayed
  • All anatomical Programming available
  • The stand has an integrated cassette box
  • Rails for horizontal movement of the column
  • Tube stand and tube head rotatable in 360°
  • Smooth movement horizontally and vertically
  • Separate locking system of tube head, carriage a