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AERB Authorized Radiation Survey

AERB Authorized Radiation Survey

Star Nuke has AERB approved Radiation Survey Instruments and team which comprise of AERB approved RSO to carry out Radiation Survey of Radiation facility / Hospital / Diagnostic Centre. 

We conduct Radiation Survey of facility in accordance with AERB guidelines and issue report to institutes as well we submit report to AERB online platform for Radiation Application -eLORA.

Our level three radiation specialists are ideally suited to  assess risk due to radiation and to assess problems through identification of leakage through shielding cabinet/enclosure. 

Star Nuke assist clients working with artificial and natural radioactivity by

-->Carrying out radioactivity measurements of samples
-->Delivering risk analysis / assessments of radiation applications  
-->Advising  and coordinate large projects with ionizing radiation 
-->Inspection of process scrap materials contaminated with radioactivity

Star Nuke Radiation Protection services' broad experience delivers risk reduction and liability, cost reductions and supports legislative compliance to ensure the safety of personnel and environment.

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