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AERB Quality Assurance Testing of X Ray

AERB Quality Assurance Testing of X Ray

AERB Quality Assurance Testing for X Ray

We are AERB Authorized Agency for Performing the AERB Quality Assurance Audit  process for all type of Radiation Equipment. We serve across India. We have operation base / branches in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana & Maharashtra.  We have tam of  AERB certified RSO (Radiation Safety Officers), who perform  Quality Assurance audit cum testing of Diagnostic X ray equipment.

1.    Onsite Quality Assurance Testing:    AERB Approved RSO visit Facility – hospital, Diagnostic Centre & any institute using X Ray equipment. Using AERB Approved Quality Assurance Testing machine, our QA engineer conduct   Quality Assurance Test of all X ray radiation generating equipment.


Quality Assurance testing of Diagnostic X-ray machines at the center as per the AERB Guideline. Following Tests to be carried out-

                                               I.     Congruence Test

                                             II.     Measurement of KVP ( kV testing on  steps / stations )

                                           III.     Linearity of mA Loading Stations ( mA testing on  steps/ stations)

                                           IV.     Linearity of Timer

                                            V.     Measurement of Exposure time

                                           VI.     Total Filtration

                                         VII.     Tube & Collimator Leakage Test ( Radiation Leakage testing to check unwanted exposure to Radiographer / doctor / patient )

                                       VIII.     Focal Spot Test

                                           IX.     Measurement of Dose

                                            X.     Central Beam Alignment Test

                                           XI.     Area Surveillance test


2.    Quality Assurance Testing Report- There are two stages in which we provide  QA testing report. Online and offline.

                        I.         Offline QA testing report : Within 7 days from the date of QA testing, original QA testing report is sent to  institute’s address, which is required for record to show NABL, NABH and AERB official on inspection.

                      II.         Online QA Testing reporting to AERB: Star Nuke submit QA testing report to AERB through online portal-eLORA. This is to certify that Star Nuke has carried out QA Testing of X Ray machine and X Ray machine has passed all test so comply with AERB safety standards.  This Quality Assurance Report is valid for 2 years. Next QA testing is done after two years.


Service Charges:

  • Fixed Radiography: ₹ 5000
  • Mobile and Portable X Ray:  ₹ 5000
  • Dental X Ray:  ₹ 5000
  • Mammography: ₹ 9000
  • OPG: ₹ 5000
  • CBCT: ₹ 10000
  • CT Scan: ₹15000
  • CATH LAB: ₹ 15000
  • Consumer goods X Ray scanner: ₹ 25000

To request AERB Quality Assurance Testing and certification, contact us through call or drop message through Whatsapp at +91-9079063129 / 6375604173 / 8955006276. Or See video for more detail on AERB QA Testing

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