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NORM Radiation Management Services

NORM Radiation Management Services

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials are substances that naturally contain radioactive materials.

NORM wastes are commonly produced by industrial, mining and manufacturing processes like in Oil and Gas Exploration/Production, Coal or rare earth mineral's extraction process.

--> NORM Decontamination Project Engineering & Consultancy
--> Renting NORM Radiation Survey & Contamination Survey Meters.
--> Calibration of NORM Survey & Contamination Monitors.
--> We also take care of NORM Remediation and NORM Site Assessments Radiological Survey, Sampling & Characterization.
--> NORM Radiation Dose Monitoring Services; On site occupational NORM Dose monitoring through TLD Dosimeter.

We identify the presence and quantity and ensure safe handling or disposal of NORMOur clients include those at oil and gas fields, water and waste treatment facilities, sites   processing uranium, radium ore or thorium, natural gas & propane processing facility, and disposal and recycling facilities.
Star Nuke’s  team closely work to provide on NORM Safety solutions. Keeping IAEA & local guidelines, OGP standards and industries best international’s practice in core of our services, 
All our personnel are fully capable of sampling, handling, surveying, waste identification,  packaging and transporting of radioactive materials to approved location for disposal in accordance with Atomic Energy (Safe Disposal of Radioactive Waste) Rules, 1987.

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